Not Quite the Old Computer Challenge

One of a few sites explaining the ”Old Computer Challenge”

Since Solene started this challenge three years ago it’s risen in popularity. I really like the concept of it and have considered participating since the beginning. I never did, however, and I won’t this year either.

The crux of the matter is this: my computer is already old.

This year’s challenge sets some pretty hard limits:

This is lower than even my trusty companion. But one week of that would still be a breeze, to be honest. The computer I have for daily use is an old Asus netbook från 2015:

By necessity I have a fairly lean OS installation on it. Debian Bookworm with the MATE desktop to be precise. I use it for everything, which is to say that I use it for web browsing, programming (in vim), and playing OpenTTD. That’s pretty much 90% of what I do with it. Sometimes I do image editing in GIMP or writing in LibreOffice.

Doing the challenge would be a matter of reducing the number of open tabs in my browser, avoiding youtube (easy, because the upgrade to Bookworm stopped my audio from functioning for some reason), and not using GIMP or LibreOffice for a week 🤷

I’m very impressed by everyone doing the challenge. As for myself I find my daily use to be a constant adaptation to limits already.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal