Spoiler Messages in IRC

Discord, Mastodon, and a bunch of other modern messaging platforms have some sort of "spoiler" feature or content warning. Something where you can hide your message and the reader has to click to reveal it.

It's possible in IRC too, but it requires the reader to be a bit more tech savvy. "How?" you ask. Well, just so:

Spoiler: RHVtYmxlZG9yZSBkaWVzIGF0IHRoZSBlbmQuCg==

Some of you may recognize this at a glance. For those who don't I can reveal that it's a base64 encoded message. Revealing it takes more effort than just a click. Namely:

echo RHVtYmxlZG9yZSBkaWVzIGF0IHRoZSBlbmQuCg== | base64 -d

I'm not suggesting that IRC clients implement some way of handling this. But if you as a user want to send a message that may potentially spoil the fun for someone, then why not make it difficult for everyone to read? 😉️

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal