I Didn’t Know I’m Doing This Much

I’m very shatter-minded at the moment. All routines have gone out the window since we all fell ill, and for a long time I haven’t really been able to do anything productive. Or so I thought until I started writing this.

A small thing I did was the Memex that I wrote a week ago. That’s worked out very well so far, unexpectedly the biggest advantage has been that I remember more things when I write them down.

My readers on the gemini side of things no doubt know that I’m a big fan of AstroBotany, and run a companion capsule called Garden Gnome Society. Lately AstroBotany has seen some awesome upgrades, and I’ve had a chance to dig into its codebase. I’ve sent in two pull requests that are mutually exclusive: one adds endpoints to make it easier for me to compile the Garden Gnome report in a handfull of calls instead of literally hundreds, and the other sorts the plants into Healthy, Dry, Wilting, and Dead on the Community Garden page.

The latter one would in essence move the current functionality of the Garden Gnome Society into AstroBotany itself, and I have to admit I kinnda like that one the best. I have other ideas for what the Garden Gnome Society can be and do to stay relevant.

I’ve taken a couple of baby steps towards one of the larger projects on my wishlist. The best part of that is that it’ll be something real and useful in the shorter term, too. I’ll call it Antenna, and it’ll be gemini exclusive. Fun fun fun!

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal