Having a Dot File Repo?

I've had to configure a few computers for myself lately, and I'm thinking that maybe I should have a dot file repo in a git forge somewhere that I could just clone down.

Oh, no! Don't do it! Browser sessions! SSH keys! Shell history! FreeCiv save files!

Yeah, it's risky. A lot of credentials have been found in public github repos. Those who know me also know that I hate having to configure stuff and instead get used to running with default configurations as much as possible.

I'm thinking I can set one simple rule in a gitignore file: *. That way I'd have to manually add each file or folder that I want to include. SSH config file, .vimrc, .bashrc, pubkeys (NOT private keys), and more. I don't need to have it public, either. All in all I believe that would be pretty secure and helpful.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal