Treasure Value in My OSR Adventures

I've mentioned that I don't use treasure tables/rules or magic items from Labyrinth Lord.

That's because I generally just don't feel like making dozens of die rolls while building my dungeons. That said, I often start out my dungeons with a thought around treasure (because if I don't I tend to almost forget it entirely... Oops): How many rooms should a level 1 character explore on average to have a decent chance at leveling up?

There's no objective answer to this, but if you have formed an opinion you can let that guide you as you place treasure. In smaller dungeons this means I decide on a set amount of treasure value and try to divvy it all out among the rooms. For larger dungeons I instead write my own algorithm for generating treasure, based on whether I want there to be many small caches or a few larger ones. It depends on the theme and feel of the dungeon.

Note that I don't give XP for monsters, nor calculate their hoards.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal