Doing and Making Things Myself

I'm in the process of selling my flat. Therefore I've learned how to put up new wallpapers, and I'm using my amateur handyman skills to fix smaller aesthetic blemishes.

I'm updating my OpenTTD mod Tea Tea Deluxe, adding custom train carriages for monorail and maglev. And tweaking smaller things, of course. Because why wouldn't I?

I've done a whole lot of kit and scratch bashing lately. The kids and I are getting into Warhammer 40k (not playing, though, because that was just boring). Models are expensive, but a package will give you a lot more than it says on the box. Lots of extra arms, heads, and weapons for alternative builds. The sprues are great for bashing too. I scored an expensive box for half price because it was incomplete. Still a bargain compared to buying the included models separately. With fimo clay, extra bits, and select pieces of trash one can make pretty cool stuff.

There are limits, of course, primarily to details. A lot of pretty bits are available as 3D printed from third party modeling studios. I found a guy in town who can help me print stuff. Getting a 3D printer myself would just be getting me an extra hobby, and God knows I have enough of those already.

Speaking of more hobbies; I'm learning Blender in order to make my own models for 3D printing. It took me a couple of sessions and re-watching the same tutorial on youtube a few times to understand what I was doing. Well worth it, though. I know enough of the basics now to make stuff myself and have a good foundation for learning more.

It's really satisfying to make stuff.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal