Not Yet, Apparently. (Also: Outage)

I promised an update to this, so here goes.

I have yet to get an offer for a used computer at work, but I'm no longer resigned to using my current work computer for Blender projects.

Despite the computer having more than enough power to comfortably run this amazing piece of software it kept crashing. I suspect there is an issue with the graphic card drivers, but I don't really care to deal with that.

But since Blender kept crashing I looked around for an alternative. Sandra (Idiomdrottning) kindly suggested Wings3D and wow! It's definitely not as feature full as Blender, but it has everything I need for my project. And it works perfectly fine on my old 32-bit Atom CPU laptop with 2GB of RAM.

And so my need for a new computer is, for the moment, postponed. Which I really love. This little computer is amazing.

Also: Outage

They dug off a fibre cable nearby the other day. I was without internet connection for more than 12 hours. This is why Antenna, and indeed everything else on this domain, was unavailable for some time.

All is fine again now, though.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal