Searching Through Browser History?

Quite often I find myself wondering where I read something specific. So I search for it, using duckduckgo (in firefox), google (if work-related, where I use chromium), or geminispace.info (in gemini).

This usually works, of course, but possibly only because I probably found it on the first page of search results on the web in the first place. Or because geminispace is still so small.

It'd be nice to have a local search engine integrated with the browsing history. It would index pages when I visit them, and give me results from that cache rather than sending a search query off to a search engine somewhere else.

This is something I can build for gemini, and possibly integrate in AV-98 (the more features I want to add to it the more I feel that it needs an overhaul, or maybe I should build a similar browser from scratch), but for the web this would probably have to be a browser extension and that's outside of my expertise or interest.

Maybe this already exists? Tell me if you know, or what you think of the idea.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal